Sunday, January 4, 2015

Birthdays for Kelli

Back in July of 2014, Kelli found herself with a shocking diagnosis of grade IV glioblastoma, a fancy word for a well developed brain tumor. At first, very briefly, fear and sadness kicked in; then, Kelli enlisted in bravery and became an example to all of us on how to live our lives. Fear is okay. It is not something that makes you weak. It is not an emotion that makes you less courageous. You can have fear and be brave at the same time. Kelli and her beautiful family, particularly her husband Mike and her radiant two girls, are taking this hiccup in life and making a difference in all the lives around them. They are a true inspiration and will continue to battle on with strength and perseverance; they have gone into beast mode.

Faith, hope and love are the principles in which God has commanded us to live by, the greatest being love. How the campaign Birthdays for Kelli works is when your birthday comes around, if you choose to participate, you may by simply donating your birthday to the Woodstock family. Instead of gifts from family and friends for this one year out of your probable 80+ birthdays, do something rewarding  and giving and instruct the people who love you to donate money to the K. Woodstock Foundation on your behalf. You can tell everyone to do this for you or you can choose a select few; whichever way you choose will benefit our friends. If everyone this reaches donates their birthday, it could significantly help with medical expenses, bills and having family fun time for the Woodstock family.

There are a few ways to participate:

1) Mail a check payable to "The K. Woodstock Foundation" to our home address and they will be delivered to the bank and deposited into the foundation fund directly (have family and friends write "For _________'s birthday" in the memo field)
Luke and Jessica Green
946 Willow Bend Drive
Wilmington, OH 45177

2) Go to and click donate at the top and you can donate to the foundation directly. (If you wouldn't mind, please type "Birthdays for Kelli" in the custom message field)

3) If you have a pay pal account, you can donate money online by following the secure link below and sending the money to (I have recently heard this is not working. I apologize for inconvenience if so) 

God never gives us what we cannot handle, but we don't have to handle things on our own. Kelli and Mike have been accepting and strong through this entire experience but maybe it is our turn to fight for them and let them relax a little. One man can make a difference but a family can overcome all obstacles.

***It doesn't have to just be your birthday; sacrificing anniversaries, holidays and other gift-giving occasions will go above and beyond and will be much appreciated.